During the year that Nate was my son's guitar teacher, I was amazed to watch the way Nate instinctively tailored each lesson to my son's needs. His patience, willingness to find solutions, and personal interest in son really opened the doors to true learning and experimentation. Though we had to move away, my son still builds daily on the instruction Nate previously provided and says that his lessons with Nate are what he misses most. Nate truly has a gift for teaching children and creating music, an incredible combination. - Marisa May

Nate Donnis has so much to offer as a teacher! He's a great musician who never ceases to amaze me with his musical talents and his love for all types of music. I've played the guitar for a while and wanted a teacher who could teach me more of what I heard on the radio, not just chords and theory - although he worked with me on that too. He has been able to teach me every song I've taken to him right off the recording! I'm grateful to Nate for his patience and abilities. I'd recommend him to anyone, from true beginner to someone wanting to advance the skills they have already. - Kathleen Schott

I have been studying guitar and songwriting with Nate for the last two years.  Nate is a patient competent teacher.  If you are looking to beyond the basics (which he can teach) of guitar and develop your artistry Nate is the instructor for you!  Nate is a talented established recording artist.  He individually tailors your lessons to meet your needs.  Nate is one of the most positive, upbeat and humble people you will ever meet.  Let Nate help you become the artist you deserve to be!  David Sparks
We started our son on guitar lessons on a whim. Now four years later, our son still enjoys it and it is because of Nate's guidance. There were times I thought my son was no longer interested because he would only practice sporadically but we realized it was because there was no opportunity to perform. Once he was given the platform to do so (at a family event, then at his school's talent show) we saw him step out of his comfort zone and blossom into a musician. Nate mixes it up and recently introduced him to songwriting. We are grateful to have found a REAL teacher who is not only a talented musician, but a mentor who pushes his students reach their full potential.
Georgina C.
My son is 12 years old and has taken acoustic guitar lessons with Nate for 3 years. He started with acoustic lessons and his interests grew to electric guitar and ukulele. Nate will mix all three instruments into a lesson if that's what is needed for different songs. Nate teaches techniques that are necessary to improve skills while he also lets my son pick songs that he likes and is familiar with, and that keeps it fun. Nate is a very patient and dependable teacher and I would definitely recommend him for any level student.
Karen K.
Nate is amazing. My son loves him and feels a responsibility to do his guitar work which is great to see. Nate is super responsible and flexible, and if something comes up, he will bend over backwards to accommodate. It is rare to see such an accomplished writer and musician have the patience to sit and teach kids the way he does. He shows up to our house, has nice conversations with our 7 year old and gets our son to work somehow! Our son started with Nate when he was 5, and now he plays and sings and finally is enjoying it.. He really has given our son a boost of confidence and it shows through all aspects of his life.. Thanks Nate!!!!!
Jonathan F.